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This guide works with you, designing Internet-based lessons that are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). You'll find it easiest if you explore each of these sections in order. The Site Map will help you find your way around.

Standards-Based Instruction is the primary focus of this Web site. Here, you will:

  • Learn how to design, develop, implement, and evaluate a standards-based lesson;
  • Explore some sample lessons that were created using this process; and
  • Design your own lesson.

What's New?? This site is currently being updated and archived. We also have a new Webmaster. Besides getting rid of "dead links," we are updating the section on "Success Stories," so if you have any success stories, promising practices, or useful tips about integrating technology into your classroom that you'd like to share, please click on "Credits and Contacts" and submit your story to the Webmaster.

We also encourage all educators to share your lessons and your favorite links with us. We offer a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble Bookstores for each "lesson of the month". You retain all intellectual rights to any lessons you submit. Our thanks to the many teachers who submitted the excellent lesson plans in our lesson bank.

The Teachers' Internet Use Guide is described in:
Hoffman, D.; Sherry, L.; Lurie, J.; & McDaniel, J. (2001). The Teachers' Internet Use Guide: Web-Based Training for Educators. In B. Khan (Ed.), Web-Based Training, pp. 485-490. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Educational Technology Publications.

We have received awards from the following organizations:
Ed's Oasis, NetTech/Neat Tech, and Lightspan StudyWeb. Our "Guidelines for Appropriate Assessment" page was selected as a Web page of excellence by the SciLinks program, a service of National Science Teachers Association. Copyright 2001.

Teachers' Internet Use Guide
Updated September 21, 2005
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