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Adopting, Adapting, or Developing
an Aligned Assessment for Your Lesson

While your ultimate goal will be to help all students master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and demonstrate student mastery through high scores on the Texas student achievement tests, you do not want to wait until the end-of-year test to know whether your students learned the knowledge and skills. Instead, you will want to develop, adapt, or adopt assessments that will tell you whether students have learned what you expect them to learn within any given lesson.

The process we will use here is simple. Each step listed here has a link to a more detailed page that explains what to do. Feel free to enter in the process wherever it is appropriate for you.

  1. Choose a set of content standards and develop your performance descriptions and expectations.

  2. Decide how you will communicate performance expectations to students, parents, and others who are interested.

  3. Develop, adapt, or adopt assessments that are aligned with and reflect the performance descriptions and expectations.

  4. Use the assessment results to improve student performance and your own teaching practice.

  5. Learn more about assessment. We have gathered some helpful online resources that address various facets of assessment.

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To Step 1: Choose a Set of Content Standards and Develop Your Performance Descriptions and Expectations

Updated August 25, 2005
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