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Lesson Plan 12.
Reading Comprehension:
Kristallnacht ("Night of the Broken Glass")

  1. Subject Area: Language Arts

  2. Grade Level: Eighth

  3. Standards: TEKS Students will
    • 8.10 F Determine a text's main ideas and how those ideas are supported with details,
    • 8.10 G Paraphrase and summarize text to recall, inform, or organize,
    • 8.10 H Draw inferences such as conclusions or generalizations and support them with text evidence and experience, and
    • 8.10 K Answer different types and levels of questions.

  4. TAAS Reading Objectives:
    • Word meanings
    • Supporting ideas
    • Summarize
    • Perceive relationships and recognize outcomes
    • Analyze information to make inferences and generalizations

  • Learning Objectives: This activity will help you better understand the persecution, specifically Kristallnacht, of the Jews during Hitler's leadership of Germany in 1938. This will help us better understand what Anne Frank and her family endured as we read her diary. You will read informative text from the web site of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and summarize and draw conclusions based on your reading.

  • Design of Activities: The students will have a worksheet to guide them through the various pages in the web site. Questions have specifically been created to fit the learning objectives stated earlier. Students will make notes/answers on the worksheet.

  • Internet Resources: Kristallnacht ("Night of the Broken Glass")

  • Assessment: Students will use their worksheets for class discussion following completion of this activity. Students will be allowed to correct any responses or make further notes on their worksheets. Worksheets will be retained to study for a test over this and other WWII and Holocaust activities.

  • Evaluation: The lesson was very successful. I would set aside more time for implementation and discussion. Also, I would like to add a second web lesson on the same subject and have students do more comparison/contrast of information.

  • Submitted by: Joanna Smith

  • School: Maypearl Middle School, Maypearl ISD

  • State: Texas