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Standards-Based Instruction

There are many sites on the Web that provide you with ready-made lesson plans. This site is different. We want you to be able to create your own Internet-based lessons that are aligned with the Texas State Standards.

We've developed a few lessons as examples, with live links, that can provide you with a quick overview of how to use the Internet in the K-12 classroom. We've followed a standard template in designing these sample lessons.

For ease of use, we suggest that you explore each of the following sections in order.

I. Learn how to design, develop, implement, and evaluate an Internet-based lesson using a four-step instructional design process. These four steps comprise:

1. Creating Clear Learning Objectives
2. Designing a Lesson
3. Implementing a Lesson
4. Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Lesson

II. Explore some sample lessons that we developed to illustrate this process.

III. Now use this form to design your own lesson.

IV. Here's some information and ideas from teachers who have successfully integrated technology into their curricula.

  • Assessment
    Learn how to develop an assessment that is aligned with your lesson.
  • Success Stories
    Read some technology success stories submitted by distinguished Texas educators.
  • Lesson Bank
    Check out our sharable database of Internet-based lessons that teachers created using this website.
    Please share your lessons with us!

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Standards-Based Instruction
Updated August 25, 2005
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